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Information During the Ski Season

The two "Catch-up" weekends are intended for candidates to get the training they may have missed (so far) or to complete sections of Sessions which were omitted or not yet covered. (For example, during a recent training, we did not cover a whole section of operations inside the first-aid room as well as snowmobile operation.)

Although an attempt will be made to keep with the training syllabus, at times "real things" happen which cause a deviation -- such as being able to do a "real" Helicopter Evacuation. Since those chances don't happen very often, it is important to take advantage of them!

Even if there is no scheduled training, if the ski area is in operation, as a Candidate you can come up and be paired with an on-duty SPSP patroller -- that counts! As you will find, many patrollers have "their way" of doing things. It might not be "Bob's way" but as long as it is safe and achieves the objectives of the task, it is generally satisfactory.

If the ski area is not operating, training can still be conducted -- just send Bob an email or give him a telephone call and he will try to arrange something. Time is too valuable to not grab every opportunity for training.

Santiam Pass Ski Patrol


The 2018 OEC class is now completed.

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Class 1: November 17/18

Class 2: December 1/2

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