2014 - 2015

Senior Dates:

Advanced Programs for Existing Patrollers

Once you become a basic ski patroller there are a wide range of additional programs in which you can choose to become involved.  Please visit the NSP website - NSP Programs - for a list of all NSP programs and additional information. If you are an existing patroller (Alpine, Nordic or Patroller) and wish to enroll in an advanced program or seminar please contact our patrol director at patroldirector@santiampassskipatrol.org. For a list of scheduled classes/seminars please go to the NSP Course List and/or the Oregon Region Calendar.

* Senior Program - designed for individuals looking to enhance their skiing/snowboard and toboggan handling skills and improve their emergency care management skills and proficiency.  Core and elective requirements must be completed within a 3 year period. 

* Instructor Development for OEC, Transportation, Avalanche, MTR and ID - provides a sound background for patrollers who wish to instruct NSP programs.   Once completed ID candidates can move on into the NSP Mentoring Program. 

* Mountain Travel and Rescue (MTR) - teaches a variety of skills including nutrition and how the body performs in a wilderness environment, weather patterns, survival skills, working with group dynamics, an introduction to search and rescue, rope rescue skills, improvised toboggan construction, and land navigation with map, compass, and GPS.

* Avalanche Training - includes Avalanche I, Avalanche II, and the Avalanche Instructor Program

* Certified Program - builds on OEC and Senior Program Skills